What is International Shipping and How Does It Work?

October 23 2023
International Air Freight Shipping Company

When a company is developing, its primary objective must be to increase its customer base. Many businesses get their start on the regional level, but if their products are successful, they quickly expand internationally. The ability for international shipping Singapore opens your business to tens of thousands of new clients.

What exactly is international shipping?

Importing and exporting commodities across international borders is known as international shipping. Moving goods across borders via international shipping Singapore is a complicated procedure subject to many regulations. Importing and exporting cargo requires knowledge of and compliance with various international shipping policies and documentation requirements.

Because of each country’s different rules and regulations, international shipping is more complicated than domestic transit. Importing specific products is prohibited entirely in other countries with tougher restrictions. Canada, for instance, sets tariffs on certain commodities and maintains a list of items that cannot be imported. That’s why it’s so important to familiarise oneself with the rules or hire expert goods forwarders.

International shipping is more complicated than domestic shipping due to different time zones, languages spoken, and currency exchange rates. However, you and your clientele will gain much from your efforts to educate yourself on international shipping logistics.

How long does it take to ship something internationally?

International shipping Singapore can take anywhere from two days to four weeks to arrive, depending on the weight and dimensions of the box or goods and the chosen delivery method. When delivering goods, time and money are the two main considerations. Air freight is well-known for its speedy worldwide delivery but high price. However, transporting cargo by cargo barges might add time to the process but reduce costs. There are typically five main steps involved in international shipping:

Export Haulage

From there, the goods are transported to the next distribution centre, port, or facility operator before finally making their way to the border.

Export Customs Clearance

Cargo must go through clearance at the border of the exporting country before continuing.


The shipping process starts whenever your shipment leaves its nation of origin. Transportation method, shipping business, and client preference for fast or slow service affect how long this process takes.

Import Customs Clearance

The international shipping Singapore must undergo another clearance procedure once it reaches the country’s border doing the importing. This clearance is crucial because you must ensure your shipment follows the laws of the country you are entering.

Import Haulage

 Once your shipment has been processed through the customs office in the country of importation, it will be transported to its final destination. Last-mile delivery is another name for this process.

Singaporean International Freight Forwarding Companies

In the very early months of 2003, Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd was established. For its founding team, which specialises in International Freight Forwarding, Total Logistics, and Project Cargo Handling, the company drew on the combined experience of more than 25 years in the industry. TGS is a global logistics provider focusing on project and over-sized cargo shipments, offering customised ocean and air freight and land transport solutions. From when we pick up your goods to when they arrive at your buyer’s door or site, we are here to help in any way we can. Do you need help deciding which shipping method will best meet your needs? Which air or ocean freight is preferable when shipping perishable goods? Our international shipping Singapore services will greatly improve your familiarity with all your shipping possibilities.

Freight forwarder Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd facilitates goods movement between locations and manufacturers and their end consumers.


A reliable and trustworthy international shipping Singapore agency ensures the safe and timely delivery of goods for any company. Please contact us if you’re looking to buy or sell any consumer items, textiles, manufacturing components, metal ores, minerals, manufactured metals, or agricultural products. Our services, backed by 24-hour customer assistance, will provide relief if you’re sick of hearing about the normal delays and damages.

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