How Does Air Freight Work?

February 19 2024
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Modern aircraft can transport tremendous loads on a single journey as a result of the consistent scientific advancements in aviation technology over the last century. Modern tracking technologies allow for real-time package tracking, which greatly expands the accessibility and transparency of delivery.

Clothing, toys, gadgets, and nearly everything else may now be carried via air freight cargo. The transportation of goods by air is a vital part of international trade. Ship by air freight in Singapore is a great option for sending valuable goods that require expedited delivery. This strategy offers substantial tactical advantages to firms and carries nearly 10% of all international goods. If the offered commodities are lightweight and inexpensive, air shipment is a better option.

What is Air Freight?

Ship by air freight in Singapore refers to the process of transferring and transporting things via flight, be it commercial or charter. When time is of the essence, airfreight is the way to go for global shipping and relocating. Such freight is transported to locations where aeroplanes can take off and land at commercial and passenger aviation gateways. The air transport industry distinguishes between general and particular goods.

Easy-to-follow instructions for air shipment

Air freight shipping is similar to any other kind of transportation in that it requires a procedure. If you complete the steps correctly, you can avoid delays and keep track of your cargo. The air freight process is described here:


Choosing a reliable source to book your cargo is the initial step. Please ensure that you have all the required paperwork on hand when making your reservation. This includes invoices, packing lists, an AWB (air waybill), and any applicable permissions.

Cargo handling at origin

Your cargo needs to be placed onto skids before it can be loaded onto the plane. Careful preparation of cargo for air transport is the duty of the shipper. After that, it will be examined at a cargo terminal. At last, it will be given a label and recorded. Ship by air freight in Singapore is notoriously easy to trace with the help of these markings and paperwork.

Inspections and customs clearance

All foreign shipments must pass customs inspection before they may be loaded. The inspection process and the fulfilment of all legal criteria for the load can be arranged with your provider; however, the specifics will differ based on the country of origin and destination.

Transport to the airport of origin

The cargo is then moved to the airport in preparation for loading after passing all necessary inspections. When it comes time to arrange transport, your provider can help. At this stage, TSA-certified local cartage pick-up agents are employed.

Loading onto aircraft

The airport has specialised machinery and personnel to load your cargo onto the plane because air freight is a niche industry.

Cargo moving

Your shipment is presently in the air on its way to its final destination. Transporting goods by air ensures their security and traceability due to the low number of points of contact compared to other methods. Ensuring passenger safety during flight is the airline’s top priority.

Unloading at destination airport

When you return to the destination airport, Ship by air freight Singaporewill be taken to the cargo terminal for additional inspection once it has been unloaded.

Final Delivery

The shipment is now ready for final delivery after a second set of inspections, this time at the final destination. To arrange for the final delivery, your provider can put you in touch with a reliable courier.


Our mission remains the same at Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd—qualifying the items to transport overseas. We understand that we also represent our client’s global brand. Packed, unpacked, transited, labelled and sent for delivery after the paperwork is completed; we are networked ocean freight forwarders. Rest certain that your business will take advantage of cutting-edge technology, continuous tracking, and safe trips when you choose our door-to-door ocean freight in Singapore services. Use the official website, email, or phone to get in touch with our representative.

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