Know Some Points before Using Ocean Freight Services

March 19 2024

It is important to learn about the various ocean and sea freight shipping options if you are looking to send goods abroad. We’ll review ocean freight rates in Singapore, quotations, and fees here. In addition, we will provide pointers on how to negotiate the most favourable terms for your company.

Definition of Ocean Freight: What Is It?

Shipping goods over international waterways is known as ocean freight or sea freight. This mode of transportation is usually the way to go for low-volume, long-distance shipments. Ocean freight shipping prices are based on various variables, such as the total distance travelled, the dimensions and weight of the cargo, and the specific type of vessel utilised for transportation.

The majority of imports and exports are carried out via ocean freight. Ocean freight and sea freight account for 90% of products exported. Although express, air freight, and courier are the other international freight transport options, they are more costly and take longer. Shipping via these alternate methods is more common for smaller or high-value items.

When Should You Use Ocean Freight?

The reasonable ocean freight rates in Singapore, large sea vessel load capacity, and lack of constraints on a vessel’s carrying capacity make shipping products by sea popular.

Businesses may opt to ship goods via sea for several reasons, such as:

Ocean freight is your best bet when shipping heavy goods across great distances.

Shipping goods by sea is dependable since it is less likely to experience delays than other options, including flying freight.

You can easily identify a port close to your starting point or final destination because ports are spread out all over the globe.

Due to recent service improvements by the shipping provider, delivery times are now very short.

Transporting huge items overseas by ocean freight is the most cost-effective choice!

Ocean Freight Forwarders Services in Singapore

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s about time you treated yourself by hiring expert ocean freight forwarders? We offer various services with affordable ocean freight rates in Singapore to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination on time and at a reasonable price. In addition, we offer carrier alliance protection and dependability through our tight network with a spread of ocean carriers.

With a history spanning more than 18 years, Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd is a seasoned player in the shipping industries of international freight forwarding, total logistics, and project cargo. With global partners in every continent (Europe, America, and Africa), we are one of the leading ocean freight forwarders. We have fortified our exclusive logistics and freight offerings to provide first-rate, more satisfying service.

In addition to door-to-door shipping, import/export, FCL, LCL, and online track-and-trace schedules, we offer various other services to our Singaporean ocean freight clients. Customs clearance, freight insurance, and AES filing are also options. As a dependable and expert ocean freight forwarder, we believe in organising all areas of international freight, including door-to-door logistics and port-to-port services.

Our network can assist you with any type of freight, including hazardous, normal, or out-of-gauge shipments. Project shipping, affordable pricing, export clearance, port management, transportation (up and down the dock), and shipping of breakbulk cargo are all part of our marine freight services. We are serving everyone! We offer comprehensive ocean freight logistics services in Singapore so that you can get the most for your money.


You can trust our network to get the job done if you’re shipping dangerous products, nonstandard goods, or oversized or undersized objects. Our low-priced ocean freight rates in Singaporeinclude pick-up and drop-off services, port management, export clearance, and breakbulk cargo shipment. Come one, come all! If you’re looking for a Singapore ocean freight service, go as far as our company. We offer everything you may need.

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